Harlem Shake – Klubhouse Style on Vimeo

Harlem Shake – Klubhouse Style on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Harlem Shake – Klubhouse Style on Vimeo.

Just thought I would share this awesome video with everyone. This is my sons class he attends on Sunday mornings, Klubhouse Kids. We go to Christ The Rock in Memphis. We did not go this Sunday, so he missed out. I bet the kids had a blast doing this. I love my church, but have not been able to go as much. The Dr told me I needed to stay off my feet as much as possible. It is really hard to get out and go to church sometimes, especially with my toddler. When it is raining I don’t go, it can be very hard to carry everything we need and keep us dry in the rain. I want to go back, maybe this coming Sunday will be pretty outside and I will feel better. Finger Crossed.


Taylor Hendrix, 6-Year-Old Tennessee Boy, Saves Family From House Fire (VIDEO)

Taylor Hendrix, 6-Year-Old Tennessee Boy, Saves Family From House Fire (VIDEO).

This story is amazing, and it also brings up questions for me. I love that this 6 yr old was smart enough to wake up his family when he saw smoke coming from the attic. He was brave and saved his families life that night. The question it raises in my mind is why was a 6 yr old up playing video games at 4 am. They specifically said “he was up late playing video games” not that he woke up early but that he had been up all night. I don’t know any adults that would let a 6 yr old stay up while they went to sleep and play video games all night. Did they have any smoke detectors? I guess everyone over looked these details and just focused on the heroic act of the child. Maybe I am strange because that is the first thing I questioned. idk.