Pint Sized Baker: Raspberry Lemon Fun-da-Middles

Pint Sized Baker: Raspberry Lemon Fun-da-Middles.

I saw this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Pint Sized Baker. I am in love with raspberry flavored anything, and lemon is another one of my favs. Putting them together in a cupcake is like heaven in my mouth. I have seen the Fun-da-Middles in the grocery story but have not tried them yet. This is the perfect recipe to start with. It seems great for spring or summer. It reminds me of raspberry lemonade, which is one of my favorite drinks.

I think this blog has some great recipes and I am excited to try this one soon. Not only does this site have easy to follow instructions, but the pictures make my mouth water. 😛

Click the link above to see the original recipe on the blog Pint Sized Baker, you can even follow them on Pinterest.


Great website for kids.

Now that I am staying home with my daughter, I have been looking for learning activities for us to do together. I have found a couple of sites, but still have not been satisfied with what they have to offer until I found abc mouse. This is a great site, you can have multiple accounts, one for each child. It costs $70/year, but I got a deal for $50/year. It has a learning path for child based on age and learning level. They have color pages, stories, puzzles, songs etc for each thing the child learns about. They can visit the Zoo, the Farm and even own classroom pets. The children earn tickets for the activities they do and they can spend the tickets on item for their pets or classroom.

Envelope Book

envelope book

I saw this idea on pinterest. This is a really neat idea that you can do very easily. All you need is manila envelopes and a front/back cover for your book. You could use this for a variety of things from organizing bills to keeping old birthday cards and Christmas cards.

I personally would use this as a way to hold onto old cards or maybe even a keepsake for my kids art. You could make one for each member in the house as a keepsake. Another great idea would be to add the persons name to the front of the book and decorate each folder for the specific thing you are keeping in it. These would make great gifts.

Click the link below to find the original post on how to make this awesome book.

Harlem Shake – Klubhouse Style on Vimeo

Harlem Shake – Klubhouse Style on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Harlem Shake – Klubhouse Style on Vimeo.

Just thought I would share this awesome video with everyone. This is my sons class he attends on Sunday mornings, Klubhouse Kids. We go to Christ The Rock in Memphis. We did not go this Sunday, so he missed out. I bet the kids had a blast doing this. I love my church, but have not been able to go as much. The Dr told me I needed to stay off my feet as much as possible. It is really hard to get out and go to church sometimes, especially with my toddler. When it is raining I don’t go, it can be very hard to carry everything we need and keep us dry in the rain. I want to go back, maybe this coming Sunday will be pretty outside and I will feel better. Finger Crossed.